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RS Owens Collection

The RS Owens Collection of Corporate Awards are the finest in craftsmanship and elegance that the awards industry has to offer at any price.  This section of corporate awards features a selection from the RS Owens Catalog that includes engraved plaques, acrylic awards, glass awards, clock and desk corporate awards for the corporation desiring to show their appreciation for their Key Employees and Executives.  Let our Master Engraver put the finishing touches to your Corporate Awards for that special finished elegance that says thank you to your employees with class and admiration.


Prices include all engraving.


All Products and Craftsmanship

are Fully Guaranteed

The RS Owens Collection represents over 70 years of awards elegance.  The below selected corporate awards are but a small collection of what this remarkable awards provider has to offer.  These are truly "High End" creations and are very unique to the awards industry.  If you would like to see the full selection that RS Owens offers in corporate awards, please contact us and we will provide you with the full catalog for your corporate award selections.  Please view our other catalog pages for a complete selection of Tropar/Airflyte Award selections.  Tropar/Airflyte Corporate Awards are of similar quality but at a more modest cost.

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Royal Diamond Tiara Starfire Glass resting on Satin Pewter Base.  Glass size is 6.25"x8" overall size is 10.75"

 Item No. 9840E   $248.00

Spirit Award in Starfire Glass resting in free flowing hand cast arms on nichol silver base.  11.5" x 5.5" 24K gold or bright silver finish

 Item No. 9928   $358.00

Solitaire Faceted Diamond Acrylic resting in solitaire setting.  two sizes available

 Y1415  11"x10"  $119.00

Y1417  11"x12"  $135.00


Jade Tower Golf Awards Green Jade Glass, three sizes available.

 #9713  4.5"x5.75" $125.00

#9714 4.5"x7.75" $130.00

#9715 4.5"x6.5" $139.00

Starfire Atlas Award, Starfire Round Glass surrounded by cast metal arms on black base.  available 24K Gold or Bright Silver.

 No. 9926  8"x6.75"  $300.00

Aura Acrylic with 5 sided gold mirrored base to accent this beautiful award.

 Y1425  6"x8"  $82.00

Y1426  7"x9"  $89.00

Venetian Acrylic with satin nichol base.  two sizes

Y1285     4.5"x9"    $134.00

Y1286  5.5"x10.5"  $141.00

Jade Acrylic on Nickel Plated Metal Hemisphere Base.

Y1303  6"x6"  $59.00

Global Vision Cobalt Glass Base

No. 9700  4.25"x10"  $405.00

24K Gold Star Constellation on Mahogany Finished American Walnut Base

No. 3433  10.5"  $372.00

Antique Bronze Eagle on Mahogany Finished American Walnut Base

No. 817B  11.5"  $355.00

Antique Bronze Eagle on Mahogany Finished American Walnut Base

No. 818B  $375.00

Antique Gold or Antique Silver Globe on Mahogany Finished American Walnut Base

No. 3441  6.25"  $329.00

Midnight Hand Kilned Art Glass solid Ebony Black Center with translucent black veined sides and colorfilled with stand

A2104  9"x9"  $399.00

Twilight Hand Kilned Art Glass solid Cobalt Blue Center with translucent blue veined sides and colorfilled with stand

A2105  9"x9"  $399.00

Triton High Gloss Rosewood Base with clock suspended on a gyroscope mechanism

C226  6.5"x5.5"  $159.00

Michelangelo High Gloss Rosewood clock showcases the inner works and gears

C411  8"x7"x2"  $119.00

Silver Accented Gyroscope mounted clock with Glossy Black Base

C415  6"x6"  $99.00

Rosewood Piano Finished Swivel Clock, Quartz Movement with battery and brass plate included

C370  6"x5"x2.5"  $99.00

Captains Clock in Rich Rosewood Finish, Satin Lined Case and engraving plate included.

CE211  6"x5"x4.25"  $189.00

Contemporary Visible Movement mounted on High Gloss Black Base with Silver Accents

CE876  6.25"x7"  $110.00

Freedom Antique Gold accents on Rosewood Piano Finished Plaque

R6985L  10.5"x13" $149.00

Rosewood Piano Finish Regency Plaque.  This is a Best Seller.  Also available in Black Ebony Piano Finish

P2001B  8"x10"  $89.00

P2001A  9"x12"  $99.00

Horizon Stone Plaques, available in Sandstone (grey stone trim) or Moonstone (Wood Trim)

5"x7"          $149.00

7.75"x10"   $179.00

Rosewood Piano Finish Plaque with Gemstone Engraving Plate.  Choose from Lapis, Verde or Black Marbled Plates

P4000C   7"x9"  $69.00

P4000B 8"x10"  $89.00

P4000A 9"x12"   $109.00

Freedom Antique Silver accents on Ebony Piano Finished Plaque

R6975L 10.5"x13" $149.00

American Walnut Plaque with Gemstone Engraving Plate.  Choose from Lapis, Verde, Garnetstone or Black Marble Plates.

P4100C  7.5"x9"  $79.00

P4100B  8"x10"  $99.00

Cobalt Blue Scalloped Plaque with black center and crisp white text.  2 sizes available

Y1430   8"x10"  $99.00

Y1432 9"x12"  $119.00

Blue Ice Free Standing Plaque, Blue Mirrored back panel magnetically attaches to Clear Front Panel

Y1400  4"x6"x1"  $67.00

Y1401  5"x7"x1"  $79.00

Y1402  6"x8"x1"  $92.00

Cobalt Blue Acrylic Award with magnetically held Silver Screened Panel on Front

Y1406  5.5"x10"  $79.00

Ebony Black Acrylic Award with magnetically held Silver Screene Panel on Front

Y1405   5.5""x10"  $79.00

Colbalt Blue Acrylic Award with magnetically held Silver Screene Panel on Front

Y1411   4.75"x10"  $79.00

Ebony Black Acrylic Award with magnetically held Silver Screene Panel on Front

Y1410   4.75"x10"  $79.00

Star Tower Acrylic Award with Ebony Stonecast Base

Y1130  2.5"x7"  $179.00

Y1131  2.5"x9"  $193.00

Y1132  2.5"x11" $206.00

Star Achievement Awards on Various Bases.  To many to list here, please call us for full selection recommendations.  Also available are "Oscar" style figures as well.  Many finishes also available including 24K Gold Finish.  Prices vary from $80.00 up to $300.00 depending on size, finish and bases selected

Rosewood Piano Finish Name Bar with Gold Trim and Business Card Slot.

C213  11"x3"  $49.00

How to order your engraved corporate Awards

1.   Decide which engraved corporate award you desire and make note of it by item number

2.   Determine the text to be engraved

3.   Decide if you need graphics or a logo engraved.

4.   If you need assistance in "wording" the text for your award, we can help.

5.   Fax or email us your item number, logo/artwork and text to be engraved.

6.   Contact us locally at 259-4581, Toll Free at (866) 579-8127, Fax (970) 259-4210 or email us at with all information needed to complete your order and to make your payment arrangements and delivery address.


All Products and Craftsmanship are Fully Guaranteed




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