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Name Plates and Holders

We offer a full selection of engravable name plates and holders from the economical to high end name plates.  Engravable plastics come in a wide selection of color choices.  Please see our color swatch page for a sampling of colors available for your engraved name plate.  Aluminum holders are available in either 2"x8" or 2"x10" sizes.  Other sizes are available by special order.  Engraved plastic signs and aluminum holders are sold seperately or can be combined together for a discounted special combo price.  The High End name plates and holders are sold as a combo and are usually made of Walnut, Rosewood Piano Finish, or Marble Desk wedges.  Some name plates come as Pen and desk sets.  If you need assistance in selecting what types and colors that would best suite your requirements, please contact us toll-free at (866) 579-8127 or locally at 259-4581 or by email at



Desk and wall holders for engraved name plates.  Most of these come in 2"x8" and 2"x10" sizes and are made for engravable plastic materials that can be selected in our color swatch page.  These name plate holders are sold seperately or can be combined with a name plate for a combo discount.

          A28Silver          2"x8"

          Desk Holder     $8.95   

             A28Gold         2"x8"

             Desk Holder   $8.95

   A28Black        2"x8"

   Desk Holder   $8.95

   A210Black      2"x10"

   Desk Holder     $9.95

            A210Silver      2"x10"

            Desk Holder    $9.95

        A210Gold        2"x10"

        Desk Holder     $9.95

   F28B  2"x8"  $7.95

  F28G  2"x8"  $7.95

  F28S  2"x8"  $7.95

  F210B  2"x10"  $8.95

  F210G  2"x10"  $8.95

  F210S  2"x10"  $8.95

  CBR210      Rosewood

   2"x10"          $21.95

   CBW210    Walnut

   2"x10"       $21.95

   CW28         Walnut

   2"x8"          $16.95

   CW210       Walnut

                                      2"x10"        $18.95

   GM210 Green Marble

   2"x10" Direct Engraved

   Color filled          $69.95

                                 Gold Leaf Fill Paint

Plastic Engraved Name Plates.  These are shown in 2'x10" size and with a Desk Holder.  They are also available in 2"x8" size (not shown).  These are sold seperately and the holders are for illustration purposes.  However, the Combo price is also shown for your convienence.  Please see the color swatch page for choices in colors of engravable plastics.  If you need assistance in selecting your colors and /or questions please call contact us at

  2"x8"  plate  $9.00

  2"x10"  plate  $10.00

  8" Combo plate/holder


                                10" Combo plate/holder


  2"x8"  plate  $9.00

  2"x10"  plate  $10.00

  8" Combo plate/holder


                                10" Combo plate/holder


  2"x8"  plate    $9.00

  2"x10"  plate  $10.00

  8" Combo plate/holder


                                10" Combo plate/holder


  2"x8"  plate    $9.00

  2"x10"  plate  $10.00

                                8" Combo plate/holder


                                10" Combo plate/holder


  2"x10"  plate  $10.00

  Combo plate and base



       2"x8"  plate  $9.00

       8" Combo plate/base


       2"x10"  plate  $10.00

                               10" Combo plate/base


These are the High End Executive Style Desk sets.  These are sold as sets only.  Most of these come with a Black Laser Steel Engravable Plate.  A few of these also have the option of using colored plastics selected from the color swatch page.  We can assist you in choosing the colors and other options that may be available.  We can also engrave your company logo and/artwork into most materials.  We accept art and logos in 1 bit black and white eps or pdf formats.  If your logo is engraver ready at the time of submission, there is no charge to include it.  If our art department has to convert your logo to 1 bit black on white vectored format, there is a one time $25.00 art charge in addition to the price shown for the nameplate and holder. for mor info, contact us at


  #588  Rosewood

  Piano Finish

  Blk Brass  $42.00

  #572  Rosewood

  Piano Finish

  Blk Brass   $42.00


             BC525  Rosewood

             Piano Finish/Blk

             Brass Plate with Clock


             CBW210 with Double

             Black Brass Plate


          CW28 with Brass

          Plate    $28.95

          CW210 with Brass

          Plate   $30.95

      Green Marble

      Laser Engraved and

      Gold Leaf Paint

                                    Filled    $69.95

   503 Rosewood double pen

   Black laser steel

   3.75"x9"  $48.00

  BC854 Rosewood clock

  desk set with 2 pens

  4.5"x9"      $90.00

   PS340    Black laser steel

   plate  3"x12"x2.5"

   with pen   $72.00

 506  Multi function

 desk organizer 2 pens

 5.5"x10"x4.5"  $84.00

Name Plates and Holders are sold seperately, unless you choose the combo option.  You can order any number of name plates and any number of holders at the individual prices or you can order name plates and holders together and receive the combo price.  Please see below for "How to Order" information or call us at (866) 579-8127 or 259-4581 locally for assistance.

"How to Order your Name Plates and Holders"

1.   Choose plastic or other type of name plate and size you need or if combo is desired

2.   If choosing a plastic name plate, see color swatch page for color selection ie: swatch #

3.   Choose type and color of holder (s)

4.   Choose font desired (we have most WindowsXP and/or Word fonts available)

5    Contact us at (866) 579-8127, 259-4581 or email us at to place order 




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