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Name Badges

   Engraved name badges are a great way for your customers to be able to identify your employees.  It adds a touch of professionalism to your operation and tells your customers that your organization knows what it is doing.  We offer a full range of engraved name badges from text only badges to two color laser engraved logo name badges.  We also offer a full selection of hot stamped and screen printed full color name badges.  We also have sources for producing digitally printed name badges.  We have many nationally recognized corporate logos already on file and we can accept logo artwork in 1 bit black and white eps or pdf files for laser ready artwork for laser engraving your two color laser engraved namebadges.  Contact us at (866) 579-8127 or 259-4581 if calling locally or email us at:
for additional information and options for full color name badges
All materials and workmanship fully Guaranteed!

Text only name badges are an economical and fast way to obtain employee identification for your employees and staff.  These are available in many color combinations.  Please see our Color Swatch Page for color selection.  These name badges are available with pin attachments, clip or military clutch at the stated price as inclusive.  Magnet backs and pocket protectors are sold as an option.  There are no minimum quanities or set up charges for text only name badges.

Rounded Corners or Beveled Edges

Quantity discounts available on orders of 10 pieces or more!

1"x3"      Text  Only  Badges

One Line Engraved      $5.00

Two Line Engraved      $6.50

Three Line Engraved    $8.00

Magnet or Pocket Add $2.00

1.25"x3"    Text Only Badges

One Line Engraved       $5.00

Two Line Engraved       $6.50

Three Line Engraved     $8.00

Magnet or Pocket Add  $2.00

1.5"x3"     Text Only  Badges

One Line Engraved       $5.00

Two Line Engraved       $6.50

Three Line Engraved     $8.00

Magnet or Pocket Add  $2.00

Custom lasered logo badges are a great way to create brand recognition both within your operations and outside your operations as well.  We have many nationally recognized logos on file and can accept your 1 bit black on white eps or pdf logo artwork for engraving into your selected materials for your name badges.  Please see our Color Swatch Page for material selections.  Lasered Logo badges are the most economical way to promote your brand recognition and is the preferred choice when the logo color is one color only.  We have most fonts that are available in WindowsXP or Word software.

Please see our Sale Specials page for special pricing!

Pricing for Logo Lasered name badges is quite simple.  We will produce your order in any size from 1"x3" up to 1.5"x3" at a set price of $8.95 each with choice of pin back, clip or military clutch.  The options of magnet backs or pocket protectors add $2.00 to the price of each badge.  Quantity discounts are available on orders of ten or more badges.  Please contact us for these discounts. There are no minimum quantities for lasered logo name badges.

Custom sizes bigger than 1.5"x3" are also available upon request.


Full color hot stamped and/or Screen Printed name badges are the choice way to go when your logo has multiple colors and/or half tones involved.  As this is a highly specialized and more labor intensive method of producing high quality multi-colored logos, there are some restrictions that apply.  There is a minimum quantity of 50 pieces for production.  Prices will vary depending on number of colors in the logo, quantity for production and size of the badge to be produced.  Due to quantity restrictions, the price per each badge is slightly less than it is for the Lasered Logo badges.  Time frame for hot stamping and sreen printing is 2 to 3 weeks production time.  Most colors in our Color Swatch Page are available.  Magnets and pocket protectors add $2.00 to the each price.

These are examples of screen printed and hot stamped multi-colored logo badges.  The logos are either screen printed or hot stamped in quantites of 50 or more at a time.  The engraving of names and titles are done on an as needed basis.  We will bill the cost of the badges + the Screen or set-up charges at time of order.  Engraving of names and titles are billed on an as done basis.  Pantone color matches are possible, but are billed at a higher set up cost.  Due to the specialized nature of these full color productions, we do not post the pricing here.  Please contact us at (866) 579-8127 or 259-4581 if local or email us at for additional information, cost, and time frame.

How to order name badges

1.   Decide what size and color of name badge desired (see color swatch page for colors)

2.   If ordering text only name badges, determine # of lines per badge

3.   email us the info to be engraved, include your day time phone in case we have questions.

4.   If ordering logo engraved name badges, decide if laser engraved or screen printed is needed

5.   If laser engraved logo is ordered, email us your logo in 1 bit black on white eps or pdf format

6.   Email names and titles to be engraved at this time as well.

7.   If screen printed badges are needed, please contact us for requirements and pricing.

8.   Decide if rounded corners or beveled edges are desired

9.   decide if magnet or pocket protector options are desired.

10.  Choose font desired, Most fonts in WindowsXp or Word are available, decide if CAPS or U & l

11.  Caculate the prices based on above information.  (screen printed badge must contact us first)

12.  Please make payment at time of order.  Contact us with any questions.



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