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About Us

Our Mission Statement

"To provide Professional Quality Engraving and Awards that are Second to None"

Durango Trophy and Awards was founded as Durango Marking Equipment in 1971.  We have been a family owned and operated local corporation in Durango Colorado specializing in the manufacture of custom rubber stamps and a full service engraving and awards provider for the four corners for over 37 years.  In 2007 we changed our dba name to Durango Trophy and Awards to be more specific in our specialty of providing award plaques, acrylics, name badges and name plates to the local communities of Southwest Colorado.  We also have several nationally known clients that use our services as well.


"Expert Engraver vs. Professional Master Engraver"

Many of todays engraving businesses offer what they claim to be "expert" engraving.  However, there are no industry standards to define what an "expert" engraver is.  A Professional Certified Master Engraver is an engraver who has obtained that rating through an Accredited Certification Program completing 170 Credit Hours of formal schooling and hands on training plus 30 class room hours of continueing education annually.  A Professional Certified Master Engraver subscribes to maintaining certain industry standards of quality and must exhibit a professional knowledge and maintain the highest obtainable skill level the industry has to offer.  When you hire an "expert" engraver to do your awards order, you might receive "acceptable" standards of quality. . . . But, when you hire a Professional Certified Master Engraver, you WILL receive "Exceptional" quality that is second to none. . . . . GUARANTEED!


Why you should choose Durango Trophy and Awards!


My name is Frank Clark, CRS and I am the owner and operator of Durango Trophy and Awards.  I earned my CRS certification in 2005 and my Master Engravers Certification in 2007.  These certifications ensure that you are working with a Professional Certified Master Engraver who meets or exceeds all industry standards within the engraving industry.  I take pride in my craftsmanship and I will not settle for second best in my work.  I continue to take upwards of 30 hours of classes annually in order to stay on top of my industry and profession.  I also attend an International Trade Show annually in order to provide my clients and customers with the most up to date products that my industry has to offer.

Contact us at (866) 579-8127



When you hire Durango Trophy and Awards for your engraved plaques, acrylic awards, name badges, name plates and trophy awards you can be certain that you are dealing with a Professional Certified Master Engraver who takes pride in the professionalism of producing your order and who will not cut corners in order to save a dime or two in cost.  My craftsmanship has won awards within the industry and I promise to treat each and every customer with the same level of professionalism as I would expect for myself.  Don't settle or take a chance with your awards not measuring up to the highest standards of engraving possible.  Only a Certified Master Engraver can insure and guarantee that these standards are met everytime you place an order. . . . at Durango Trophy and Awards, quality and professionalism do not cost anything extra. . . . you, as the client, have the right to expect the best that the industry has to offer.

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With a complete guarantee on the quality of all of our work, Durango Trophy & Awards is the best choice for your trophy and award needs. Just contact us via phone, fax, or e-mail and send us your item number. We even provide free delivery within the Durango city limits.
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