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Rosewood Piano Wood Engraved Plaques

Welcome to the Rosewood piano finish engraved plaque award page.  These engraved plaques are of outstanding quality and are laser engravable.  The price shown includes the engraving cost.  Our Certified Master Engraver can engrave your company logo and/or artwork into the award as well.  We accept logo and artwork in either eps or pdf format that is compatible with CorelDRAW software.  To place an order please select the item number and either call us toll free at 1-866-579-8127 or email your selection, text and artwork to


Artwork and/or logos need to be in 1 bit black and white eps or pdf.  If your artwork is engraver ready there is no additional art charges.  If our art department needs to convert your artwork or logo a $25.00 art charge will then apply to the total cost.


Clicking on images will open larger image in seperate window.


   P3390      12"x15"



  P3624  11"x15" $138.00

       Antique Bronze

       Finished Frame



  P3626 7"x9"    $49.50

  P3627  8"x10"  $58.50

  P3628  9"x12"  $66.00


   P3629      11"x15"



  P3717  7"x9"    $49.50

  P3719  8"x10"  $58.50

  P3721  9"x12"  $66.00

  P3722 10"x13" $75.00

  P3737  8"x10"  $58.50

  P3738  9"x12"  $66.00

  P3739 10"x13" $75.00

  Available Color Plates


  P3741  7"x9"  $49.50

  P3742  8"x10"  $58.50

  P3743  9"x12"  $66.00

  P3744 10"x13" $75.00

  P3770 12"x15" $89.00


  P4277           12"x15"


      1"x3.25" Plates


  P3747       10.5"x13"



  P3756  7'x9"    $49.50

  P3757  8"x10"  $58.50

  P3758  9"x12"  $66.00


  P3764  7"x9"    $49.50

  P3765  8"x10"  $58.50

  P3766  9"x12"  $66.00

  P3767 11"x15" $84.00


  P3801  7"x9"    $49.50

  P3802  8"x10"  $58.50

  P3803  9"x12"  $66.00

  P3804 11"x14" $84.00


  P3806  7"x9"    $49.50

  P3807  8"x10"  $58.50

  P3808  9"x12"  $66.00

  P3809 11"x14" $84.00


  P3821          11"x14"



  P3823         10.5"x13"


      Antique Bronze

       Finish Frame


  P3830  8"x10"  $58.50

  P3831  9"x12"  $66.00

  P3832 10"x13" $78.00

  P3833 11"x15" $85.50


  P3835  8"x10"  $55.50

  P3836  9"x12"  $63.00

  P3837 10"x13" $75.00

  P3838 11"x15" $84.00


  P3901  7"x9"    $49.50

  P3902  8"x10"  $58.50

  P3903  9"x12"  $66.00

  P3904 10"x13" $75.00


  P3749          9"x12"


       Relief Eagle



  P3911  7"x9"    $49.50

  P3912  8"x10"  $58.50

  P3913  9"x12"  $66.00

  P3914 10"x13" $75.00


  P3760  9"x12"  $84.00

     12 Plates 1"x3.25"

  P3762 12'x15" $111.00

     24 Plates 1"x3.25"



   P3944   8.375"x10"


   P3975         14"x17"


     Antique Bronze

     Casting Frame


  P3992    6"x8"   $42.00

      Star Casting with

       Goldtone finish



   P4137       11"x15"


  P4151  8"x10"  $58.50

  P4152  9"x12"  $66.00

  P4153 10"x13" $78.00

  available color steel in



  P4155  7"x9"    $49.50

  P4156  8"x10"  $58.50

  P4157  9"x12"  $66.00

  P4158 10"x13" $78.00


   P4160      10"x10"



  P4170  7"x9"    $49.50

  P4171  8"x10"  $58.50

  P4172  9"x12"  $66.00


  P4180  7"x9"    $49.50

  P4181  8"x10"  $58.50

  P4182  9"x12"  $66.00


  P4185  7"x9"    $49.50

  P4186  8"x10"  $58.50

  P4187  9"x12"  $66.00


  P4450  7"x9"    $49.50

  P4451  8"x10"  $58.50

  P4452  9"x12"  $66.00


  P4454      12"x15"



  P4456  7'x9"     $49.50

  P4457  8"x10"  $58.50

  P4458  9"x12"  $66.00


  P4459      12"x15"



  P4460  7"x9"    $49.50

  P4461  8"x10"  $58.50

  P4462  9"x12"  $66.00


  P4464     12"x15"



  P4466  7"x9"   $49.50

  P4467  8'x10"  $58.50

  P4468  9"x12"  $66.00


  P4469      12"x15"


  JDS810PR   8"x10"


  JDS912PR   9"x12"


  Clear Floating Plexi-

       Glass Plate


  P4476  7"x9"    $49.50

  P4477  8"x10"  $58.50

  P4478  9"x12"  $66.00


  P4480      12"x15"



  P4482  7'x9"    $49.50

  P4483  8'x10"   $58.50

  P4484  9"x12"  $66.00


  P4485      12"x`15"



  P4487  7'x9"     $49.50

  P4488  8"x10"  $58.50

  P4489  9"x12"  $66.00


   P4490     12"x15"


How to order your engraved plaque awards

1.   Decide which engraved plaque awards you desire and make note of it by item number

2.   Determine the text to be engraved

3.   Decide if you need graphics or a logo engraved.

4.   If you need assistance in "wording" the text for your award, we can help.

5.   Fax or email us your item number, logo/artwork and text to be engraved.

6.   Contact us at 259-4581 locally, (866) 579-8127, Fax (970) 259-4210 or email us at with all information needed to complete your order and to make your payment arrangements and delivery address.



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