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Engravable Desk Clocks

All of our engravable desk clocks feature clocks supplied by Stuart Austin Corp. and come with a Lifetime Guaranteed Quartz Movement.  All engravable desk clocks come gift boxed and most are supplied with batteries.  Many of these engravable desk clocks have a fine Cherry Wood or Rosewood Piano Finish and some come with Gold Metal Accents as well.  All engravable desk clocks come with laser engravable plates and the engraving is included with the price listed.  If you have any questions or special request please contact us at

(866) 579-8127 or 259-4581 locally.  email us at

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BC886                      $78.00

Arch clock in gold and silver with glass upright.  Diamond spun dial with three hand movement.  7"x7.375"

BC889                       $72.00

Rosewood piano finish base.  Diamond spun dial with three hand movement.  6.25"x6"

BC95                        $150.00

Airflyte edge diamond cut black brass plate on solid walnut.  Size is 12.5"x9.5" Laser engravable.

BC3                           $69.00

Versatile clock, two engraving plates to accomadate extra copy.  6.75"x8.5"

BC19                         $63.00

Rosewood piano finish desk clock.  with glass picture frame.   6.75"x8.5"

BC57                          $87.75

Large book clock, hand rubbed mahogany. Diamond spun dial          9"x6.75" 

BC73                       $210.00

Captain's clock, hand rubbed mahogany, solid brass clock housing  5.5"x5.5"x3.75"

BC521                       $48.00

Rosewood piano finish with velour lined storage area  3.375"x2.625"x3.375"

BC9                          $117.75

Glass upright with feed and top metal goldtone columns, diamond spun dial  6.25"x7.25"

BC523                      $129.00

Skeleton clock with sub second dial, brass finished movement and rosewood piano finish   7"x9"x3"

BC854                       $90.00

Desk clock with double pen set on brass and piano finish rosewood base. Diamond spun dial.   4.5"x9"

BC69                         $57.75

Rosewood stained book clock, gold spun dial three hand movement.  5.375"x4.25"x1.875"

BC874                     $135.00

Rosewood piano finish clock art deco design with gold tone base.   9.625"x7.5"x2.875"

BC46                         $54.00

Rosewood piano finish, brass base, diamond spun dial 4"x5"

BC866                        $72.00

Rosewood and black piano finish table clock with brass accents.  5"x5.25"x2"

BC919                       $57.75

Arch clock with glass upright and rosewood piano finish post and base  7.5"x7.875"

BC899                       $72.00

Desktop clock, rosewood piano finish with gold metal accents  8.375"x10"x2.5"

BC901                        $66.00

Napoleon clock, traditional style hand rubbed mahogany finish  7.5"x8.5"x2"

BC902                      $150.00

Mantle clock, hand rubbed mahogany decorative wood inlay and two columns.  Westminister chime movement  9.25"x10"x4.5"

BC914                        $54.00

High gloss mahogany and burl finished mantle clock.  Three hand movement and traditional dial.  6.25"x7.75"x2.25"

BC896                         $87.00

Traditional clock with polished brass and cherry wood finished accents.  Upright is polished glass   6.625"x7.25"x1.625"

BC952                        $49.50

Glass upright with feet and top, metal goldtone columns.  Diamond spun dial three hand movement.  6.625"x7"

BC922                       $58.50

Arched pendulum clock with walnut and burl finish.  Three hand movement.  7.25"x8"x2.25"

BC923                       $69.00

Traditional clock with gold metal columns and rosewood piano wood base and top. Polished glass top  7.25"x7"

BC936                        $48.00

Acrylic front desk clock holds photo or engraved plate.  Holds 4"x6" photo / 10"x5"

BC932                       $36.00

Swiveling desk clock holds 2" square photo on back of clock 5"x4.375"

BC950                         $66.00

Gold waterfall bezel, three hand movement and diamond spun dial.  9.75"x5"x2.75"

Triton High Gloss Rosewood Base with clock suspended on a gyroscope mechanism

C226  6.5"x5.5"  $159.00

Michelangelo High Gloss Rosewood clock showcases the inner works and gears

C411  8"x7"x2"  $119.00

Silver Accented Gyroscope mounted clock with Glossy Black Base

C415  6"x6"  $99.00

Rosewood Piano Finished Swivel Clock, Quartz Movement with battery and brass plate included

C370  6"x5"x2.5"  $99.00

Captains Clock in Rich Rosewood Finish, Satin Lined Case and engraving plate included.

CE211  6"x5"x4.25"  $189.00

Contemporary Visible Movement mounted on High Gloss Black Base with Silver Accents

CE876  6.25"x7"  $110.00

How to order your engravable desk clock

1.   Decide which engravable desk clock you desire and make note of it by item number

2.   Determine the text to be engraved

3.   Decide if you need graphics or a logo engraved.

4.   If you need assistance in "wording" the text for your award, we can help.

5.   Fax or email us your item number, logo/artwork and text to be engraved.

6.   Contact us at 259-4581 locally, (866) 579-8127, Fax (970) 259-4210 or email us at with all information needed to complete your order and to make your payment arrangements and delivery address.



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